Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is going to be in for Fall 2011!


70's Fashion carries through to the Fall.
What we will be seeing
- Boho
- Sophisticated Glam
- High Waisted Jeans

Pleated Skirts and Dresses

Fur Trend
Must be good quality
Real or Fake

Jeans Trend
- Skinny Jeans
- Bell Bottoms
- Flared Jeans
- High Wasted

Wide Leg Pants
How to pull this off.
Looks best if you are tall.

Sheer Maxi Dresses and Skirts
Wide Leg Pants.
I like this, it looks like a maxi skirt with lots of movement.
What do you think?

Emerald Pleated Maxi.
I love this, it has beautiful fluid movement!
What do you think?
I think this is a bit to revealing showing your underwear.
What do you think?

What do you think of this sheer maxi dress?

I'm not liking the bell bottoms trend to Disco for me.
What do you think of this trend?
I normally don't like the high waisted jeans trend,
 but this outfit pulls it off well!
I am not liking the fur trend, it's just not me.
What do you think of this trend?
I must say the fur trend does work for him tho, but definitely should be worn in the winter or he would die!
Sophisticated Glam Shimmery Maxi Gown.
I think this is GORGEOUS! What do you think?


Leather Harness Trend
                                  I hate this trend it looks very uncomfortable and does not look flattering at all. 
                                                                                      What do you think?

Solid Metal Chokers and Cuffs

Metals to wear
Gold, silver, brass, copper, and hammered with a texture finish

I think Halle Berry pulls this off well.
I do however like the cuff better then the choker. What do you think of these trends?


Bronze, gold, grey shades, silver, shades of green, shades of purple, shades of pink, turquoise, shades of red, shades of blue, shades of orange, whites, black

Toned downed colors, vibrant but not neon, neutrals, earthy tones, cool and warm colors


Draping, Fluidity, Natural, Movement, Compact, Polished Sheen, Stretch, Graphic, Stripes, Micro Textures, Iridescent Glow, Rich Lustre, Soft Shimmer, Feathery, Twisted, Ruffled, Smooth Luxurious Shine, Burnished Metallics,  Broken Surfaces with a Natural Finish,  Delicate Sheer and Transparent, Layering from fine to chunky,  Extreme Exaggerated Stitches, Blurred and Subtly Broken,  Handmade Rough Looks, Novelty texture and fabric blends,  Volume and Rounded, Hairy and Raised, Velvety, Printing and Hand painting, Chunky but Weightless,  Irregular textures, Boiled and compact, Rich bold use of pattern and color, Sparkles, Fur and plush looks,  Lace and Ruffles, Aged Appearance, Silky Drape,  Subtle Crinkle Surfaces and Delicate textures, Exquisite embellishments and jewels  used with finesse 

What do you think of the color and texture trends?

I found lots of wide leg pants at Rue 21 today!

Information is from http://www.fashionising.com/

I'm liking this trend. Do you like the flared look?

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