Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is you personality? QUIZ

Directions: Print this out and fill out the following. Your response to the following statements will give you a sense of what general traits define your personality. There are no "right" or "wrong" responses. Simply place a check by those statements that apply or that are mostly true for you. Or if not printing simply right down the numbers on a piece of paper that apply to you.

1_I prefer being active most of the day.
2_I often let my heart rule rather that my head.
3_ I tend to set goals and work hard to obtain them.
4_I take more risks in life than the average person.
5_What you see is what you get when it comes to my personality.
6_I act rather than wait for something to happen.
7_In a group I prefer to have intimate conversation with one or two individuals rather than have a group conversation.
8_I prefer to take calculated risks rather than act spontaneously in a situation.
9_I can generally come up with many different solutions to a problem.
10_Being authentic and true to myself is more important than being accepted by most people.
11_I enjoy juggling a number of activities.
12_After a special event, I enjoy spending time reflecting on my favorite moments.
13_Most people would consider me to be a practical person with a lot of common sense.
14_I often act before I think.
15_I act according to my values rather than contemporary trends.
16_I see opportunities rather than challenges.
17_I enjoy books that focus on interpersonal relationships rather than ideas and facts.
18_I am more conservative that liberal in my thinking.
19_I generally stand out in a group for my uniqueness.
20_I would confront a friend or a co-worker who was acting unethically.
21_I manage change in my life well.
22_As a gift, I prefer that someone give me a present that was personal rather than practical.
23_On vacation I prefer a planned itinerary rather than go with the flow.
24_I could be described as strong-willed.
25_I believe the future will be better than the past.
26_When I get together with friends we prefer to enjoy activity more so that conversation.
27_It is more important for me to consider people's feelings more so than the facts when making a decision
28_I am known for being reliable and following through on my commitments.
29_I enjoy tackling problems.
30_On a vacation, the journey is more important than the destination.
31_I would prefer to play a sport rather than watch a sports game on television.
32_On vacation, luxury hotel accommodations and scenic views are important to me.
33_I remain steadfast to my ideas and perceptions rather than be influenced by others.
34_I have strong likes and dislikes.
35_I could live anywhere and pretty much enjoy life.
36_I do not shy away from conflict.
37_I am uncomfortable when people I care about do not get along.
38_I prefer to stick to the tried and true rather than new and untested.
39_I take criticism well and am open to feedback about myself.
40_I make friends from all walks of life.
41_I consider myself more of a spontaneous than organized person.
42_I pay attention to details in my work and personal life.
43_I practice the adage"less is more."
44_I prefer frequent change over things staying the same all the time.
45_I would prefer to go with the flow rather than follow an itinerary.
46_I prefer to do things on the spur of the moment rather than a planned itinerary.
47_If I had to choose I would prefer to have a close friend rather than a new car.
48_I am careful about what I do and say.
49_I practice the adage "variety is the spice of life."
50_I am more practical than innovative.

ANSWER DIRECTIONS: Place a mark in the box for the numbers you have checked. After you have completed marking those boxes for the checked items add the columns for your score. The number represents you endorsement of the personality traits representative of that cluster described below.

Interpretation: Your highest score represents your dominant personality cluster. You may not have a dominant cluster but possess a certain degree of each of these personality aspects in your total personality represented by your score for each cluster. Your personality cluster may or may not match you fashion personality style. If your personality cluster matches your fashion style you are most likely dressing to represent you personality. If you personality cluster does not match you fashion style, reflect on what you are trying to express with your clothing. Fashion personalities can be generalized below.

SPORTY- Outgoing, exuberant, enjoys activity, and making things happen, spontaneous flexible.
ROMANTIC- Warmhearted, sensitive, melancholic, idealistic, loyal, detail-oriented, and people-oriented.
CLASSIC- Traditional, efficient, organized, thoughtful, matter-of-fact, responsible, reliable, and dependable.
DRAMATIC- Bold, ingenious, stimulating, resourceful, and seeks change.
NATURAL- Authentic, open, trustworthy, stable, forthright, and conscientious.

This is from the book Your Personal Style By: Nancy Plummer


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