Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends!!!

60's trends

Cut out in the dress showing bottom cleavage. I honestly hate this trend and won't be trying it! It looks to me as if the dress doesn't quite fit just my opinion. Let me hear your what do you think?

 Color blocked trend. These coats remind me of these dresses that I remeber Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wearing in Our Lips Our Sealed, one of my favorite movies when I was younger. What do you think of these coats?

Remember these outfits!

60's Make up trends!

Bright colored winged liner and bold pink lips. Here is a pic of me trying out this trend! What do you think?

60's Hair trend

Hair back. Lots of volume. Here is a hairstyle inspired by Brigitte Bardot. I love this what do you think?

Color Trends for Spring 2012!

 Dark neutrals, pretty pastels, browns, tans, and earthy tones.

I'm loving all these colors! What do you think?

The 1920's trends for Spring 2012!

-Flapper dresses
-Flapper headbands
-Short bobs

I am so excited for the Flapper dress trend they are so pretty! Not so much for the short bobs I look like a total dude with short hair. What do you guys think about these upcoming trends?
Here is a picture of Lea Michele from the People's Choice Award that I am watching right now showing the entire trend, I think she looks beautiful! What do you think?

Apron Dress trend
Looks like this

Not really liking this trend yet.
What do you guys think?

Please comment and let me know what you think of all the trends!
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