Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Favorite Trends of 2012!

Here are a few of my favorite trends from 2012 that I hope will pick up for this year as well:)

First trend is the oxblood trend, the color that I'm writing in. I really liked this trend a lot and hope it picks up again for next winter.

Another trend I absolutely love is the peter pan collars and bejeweled necklaces. I definitely think these will stick around for quite sometime.

The next trend that I will probably always love is the tribal print trend and boho style.

The next trend I really like and hope will stick around for a bit is the colored jeans trend, I really like the bold bright colors and soft pastels. 

DEAL!!! I saw a lot of colored jeans this weekend at JCP and they were all under $20!!

Those are the tops trends of 2012 that I will be bringing with me through 2013. What do you think? Tell me your favorite trends from 2012 and what you will be wearing this 2013!

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